Home interior design theme – Bronze Beauty

What is your dream home going to be? What design theme would you like to have? Let me introduce my 1st design theme that I would like to have – Bronze Beauty. 

Bronze Beauty – Bold shades of warms colours bathe the interiors of the apartment. The kitchen is being dressed in rich mahogany cabinets and pearly white cupboards. The bells and whistles of the apartment are in a crisp shade of black and copper, to complement the velvety-feel. To add bold hints, texturized carpets were used to dress the regal marble floor and intimate lighting adorned the printed chestnut walls.

Comfort and serenity, blanketed the other rooms through the use of luscious browns and neutral creams. Darkly-roasted bed stands and rich auburn hardwood flooring basked in the warm luminosity of the room, bringing that element of snugness to the contemporary rooms. And to keep the room from being dulled out by rich browns, contrasting elements were infused to perk up the dynamism of the space – plush metallic drapery and cashmere-coloured walls.

 Portfolio taken from Chew Interior.


About Our love story

Baby panda and little tiger got together in Virgina, USA on 14th June 2007. Together, they invested in their little nest Esparina Residence on 12th Oct 2010. They sealed their fate on 13th May 2012 in a hotair balloon ride up the sky of Barcelona when little tiger say "rOAr" to panda's proposal to grow old together. This is the journal to record their journey ahead to plan for the future... :)
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