Geomancy & Fengshui

It’s time to align the winds and waters for an auspicious beginning! I found one company recommended by – Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting founded by David Tong.

CMG ( is one of the leading Feng Shui consultancy firm in Singapore dedicated to providing world class Classical Feng Shui, Bazi and other Chinese Metaphysics consultancy services. They are the first and probably the only Feng Shui consultancy firm in Singapore to offer a comprehensive Feng Shui Wedding Package, as well as having a website ( dedicated solely to the selection of auspicious wedding dates alone.

There are two packages that we can considered –

1) Wedding Date Selection Package @$120

2) Eternity Wedding Package (I have emailed them for the quote)

Other than that, they organized wedding talks and seminars as well. It’s something that we can keep a look out for and hopefully settle on a auspicious date of our wedding & moving in into the new house!

How exciting!


About Our love story

Baby panda and little tiger got together in Virgina, USA on 14th June 2007. Together, they invested in their little nest Esparina Residence on 12th Oct 2010. They sealed their fate on 13th May 2012 in a hotair balloon ride up the sky of Barcelona when little tiger say "rOAr" to panda's proposal to grow old together. This is the journal to record their journey ahead to plan for the future... :)
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